Environmental Determinants of Infectious Disease

Emory University EHS750

Super Gonorrhea making its rounds

By: Uche Kingsley Ekwomadu In a health news article published on the fox news website on the 2nd of April, a man in the United Kingdom has contacted a type of gonorrhea infection which has failed to respond to every... Continue Reading →


A Deep “Duck” Secret- Bubble Baths Not So Clean After All!

by Anu Romesh Scientists say your favorite childhood bath time toy has some dirty secrets. The hollow interiors of these fun little rubber duckies provide a perfect environment for the growth of nasty bacteria. Do you remember squeezing your rubber... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of Monkeypox: Outbreaks threaten Central and Western Africa

By: Sandra Mendiola The World Health Organization in the Central African Republic declared an outbreak of monkeypox on March 17, 2018, after 2 laboratory confirmed cases and 6 other suspected cases arose in the sub-prefecture of Ippy. Cases of monkeypox... Continue Reading →


By Michael Essien. The second case of Hantavirus infection in 2018, in the farming community of Farmington, New Mexico manifested as Hantavirus Pulmonary syndrome and was diagnosed in a 9-year old boy. Fernando, the 9-year old son of Mr. George... Continue Reading →

Year of the Dog or the Rat?

By Courtney Poulos As we know, this is the Chinese zodiac year of the dog. Even though the last year of the rat was in 2008, these animals seem to have an agenda of their own. We learned that major... Continue Reading →

China reports world’s first human case of H7N4 avian flu in Jiangsu, China

  (By Jing Si) China reports world’s first human case of H7N4 avian flu in Jiangsu, China A 68-year-old woman from Jiangsu province, China has been confirmed as the world’s first case of H7N4 avian flu on Feb.14, according to... Continue Reading →

Diphtheria – An Old World Killer Comes to Life Amid Humanitarian Crisis

By: Jake Rodgers Diphtheria, famously known as “The Strangler,” caught relief agencies and Doctor’s Without Borders (MSF) off guard when the disease reared its head in November 2017. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar call Cox’s... Continue Reading →

“C” how you can better treat TB

Image source: Medical News Today By: Stephanie Sun A shorter, less cumbersome treatment for tuberculosis (TB) might be on the horizon. In a recent study published in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, a journal from the American Society for Microbiology, it... Continue Reading →

TB linked to local nightclubs in Alabama

Morgan Lane With World Tuberculosis Day soon approaching, an outbreak in Dothan, Alabama reminds us that the battle against TB is still being fought in the United States. A steady stream of TB cases have been flowing into physicians’ offices... Continue Reading →

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