Environmental Determinants of Infectious Disease

Emory University EHS750

UV Radiation against C.diff

by Alex Chang Clostridum difficile is one of the more discussed topics surrounding the rising epidemic of antimicrobial resistance microorganisms. Originating from our own intestinal microbiome, it is a gram positive, rod shaped bacteria originally isolated in 1935.   It was a... Continue Reading →


Malaria Resistance. Who will pay?

By Shanon Smith Drug resistance malaria is not a new concept. Scientists have been working for decades developing anti-malarial medication and attempting to devise an effective vaccine. These efforts have not been futile. The WHO reports a near 50% decrease malaria... Continue Reading →

Yet Another Outbreak Strikes: Yellow Fever in Brazil

By Sereineat Nath Several news outlets  have reported yellow fever outbreaks last week in Brazil. Brazil has had a disheartening start to 2017, with 555 suspected cases of yellow fever and 107 deaths reported. So far, 87 of the suspected... Continue Reading →

Clostridium difficile vaccine enters phase 3

By: Elizabeth Do Vaccine for the prevention of clostridium difficile infection passed evaluation to enter phase 3 trials after showing positive results in its phase 2 development. PF-06425090 vaccine (Pfizer) is designed to induce a functional antibody response that neutralizes... Continue Reading →

New Study shows Person-to-Person Transmission Driving XDR TB in South Africa

By Nicole Swartwood A new study was published this week suggests that the epidemic of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) is spreading in a high TB area of South Africa through person to person transmission. XDR-TB is a rare form of... Continue Reading →

Typhoid fever on the rise in Zimbabwe

By Molly Several news outlets have reported a spike in Typhoid fever in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare. The majority of cases have been in a densely populated area in the city’s oldest district of Mbare. The exact figure of cases is... Continue Reading →

An Oncoming Climate Change Disaster ?

By Natalie Duke It is important that climate change take center stage in international health discussions. In East Africa, the results of climate change are already being noticed. These results include the increased prevalence of mosquito - borne and water-borne... Continue Reading →

NCDC confirms Lassa fever cases in Nigeria | January 17th, 2017

By Dottie Stearns The Nigeria Centre of Disease Control (NCDC) confirms increasing number of Lassa fever cases in Nigeria and advises precaution against the disease. Since the onset of the dry season starting in December 2016, 7 states have reported... Continue Reading →

Climate drove Zika emergence, say researchers

By Karen Levy A new study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a highly respected journal, suggest that the current Zika virus outbreak in the Americas may have been caused by a perfect storm of weather conditions, mosquito populations, and climate... Continue Reading →

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