Environmental Determinants of Infectious Disease

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Climate Change Could Mean an Increase in Lyme Disease

By: Gabrielle D'Angelo While it has been hotly debated if Malaria transmission will be affected by climate change for some time, scientists are now starting to look at the effect of climate change on other vector-borne diseases, such as Lyme... Continue Reading →


Super spreaders in Ebola outbreak led to 61% of cases

By Claire Mattison As you probably remember, the Ebola outbreak caused more than 28,000 Ebola cases and 11,000 deaths in West Africa, mainly in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.  The disease is spread through contact with body fluids of an... Continue Reading →

Zika vaccines, in need of an outbreak

By Amanda Vincent Over a year after the global community declared Zika a public health emergency, researchers now have several vaccines in the safety trial phase, but a key element is needed to prove the effectiveness of any of the... Continue Reading →

New Antibiotic Found on Kenyan Ant

By Kristina Bowen Researchers discovered a new member of the Streptomyces bacteria family which was isolated from Tetraponera penzigi, an ant species found in Africa. Plant-ant mutualism between the Kenyan plant-ants and the thorny acacia trees has been studied as... Continue Reading →

Rising number of Seoul virus cases in US, human infections increase

By Anna Roys Domalewski In the last week both the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) have posted information on official websites about an ongoing multi-state outbreak of Seoul virus in the United States. These postings follow the... Continue Reading →

H7N9 Bird Flu Found in 1/3 of Guangzhou’s(Canton) Poultry Markets in the Beginning of year of Rooster

By Billy Dehao Chen At the start of the ‘Rooster’ new year in Guangzhou, 30 percent of live poultry markets were recently found to be contaminated with H7N9 bird flu, according to Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s report.... Continue Reading →

UV Radiation against C.diff

by Alex Chang Clostridum difficile is one of the more discussed topics surrounding the rising epidemic of antimicrobial resistance microorganisms. Originating from our own intestinal microbiome, it is a gram positive, rod shaped bacteria originally isolated in 1935.   It was a... Continue Reading →

Malaria Resistance. Who will pay?

By Shanon Smith Drug resistance malaria is not a new concept. Scientists have been working for decades developing anti-malarial medication and attempting to devise an effective vaccine. These efforts have not been futile. The WHO reports a near 50% decrease malaria... Continue Reading →

Yet Another Outbreak Strikes: Yellow Fever in Brazil

By Sereineat Nath Several news outlets  have reported yellow fever outbreaks last week in Brazil. Brazil has had a disheartening start to 2017, with 555 suspected cases of yellow fever and 107 deaths reported. So far, 87 of the suspected... Continue Reading →

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