Environmental Determinants of Infectious Disease

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Yellow fever infections grow in Brazil, so do the misconceptions….

Sarah Durry Since the end of 2016, there has been a Yellow Fever outbreak at level higher than it has been for decades.  The Pan American Organization stated recently that Brazil has seen a major increase of confirmed yellow fever... Continue Reading →


Tapeworms only infect the stomach, right? ‘Eye’m’ Afraid Not…

Image Source: CDC By Alexandrea Williams Sam Cordero, a Tampa, FL resident, began noticing a little black dot in his left eye leading him to seek medical attention. After examination, Dr. Don Perez determined that Mr. Cordero’s eye was infected... Continue Reading →

Salmonella Outbreak Flies Under the Radar: Public Health Department Fails to Protect the People

(Image Credit: FOX) Andrew Rainey A report from the Tri-County Health Department in Denver, Colorado describing the findings of a investigation into a salmonella outbreak that began on November 22, 2017 is just now being covered by the local news... Continue Reading →

Recall hits Panera Bread after positive test for Listeria

Image Source: CDC Marissa Cummings Listeria concerns hit another famous food chain recently. This time Panera Bread – a well known national chain, recalled all varieties of 2 and 8 oz. cream cheese out of “extreme caution”, after one variety... Continue Reading →

Hookworms – Closer to home than you realized

(Image credit: CDC) By Renee Cerovski This week, CNN covered the story of a young Canadian couple who returned from their vacation in Punta Cana with hookworms in their feet.  "We were scratching our toes for almost the duration of... Continue Reading →

Untreated Water Vs Untrendy Water

Kristen Cowan. A new movement is taking over the trendiest areas of the United States. This trend, written about in the food section of the New York Times and in other magazines like Ars technica, is a new type of... Continue Reading →

Salmonella Outbreak at Jimmy John’s: Don’t Eat the Sprouts!

Sierra Plemenik On January 19, 2018 the CDC reported a multistate outbreak of Salmonella linked to sprouts being sold at Jimmy John's in the Mid-West. Eight cases were reported between Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, and according to the CDC illnesses... Continue Reading →

New heat-stable rotavirus vaccine shows promise in African trial

By Rachel Pittluck Public health practitioners have a new weapon in the arsenal against diarrheal disease. A study published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine found that three doses of a new oral rotavirus vaccine could prevent... Continue Reading →

Smart-phone controlled device for rapid detection of zika, dengue and chikungunya.

By Jide Ajibola A group of researchers ( claim to have developed a new smart-phone controlled device that can be used to detect zika, dengue and chikungunya viruses within thirty minutes. These researchers work at the Sandia National Laboratory, which is... Continue Reading →

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